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Senate Bill 9

Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) also known as the “Fingerprinting Bill” was passed by the 80th Legislature and signed into law by Governor Perry on June 15, 2007.  SB 9 authorizes and requires greatly expanded criminal history information reviews for most classes of educators and school employees, including national criminal history background checks based on the submission of  fingerprints for all certified and currently employed educators, as well as all substitute teachers, whether or not certified, by September 1, 2011, certain charter school employees, and all non-certified school employees hired after January 1, 2008.  SB 9 creates a criminal history information clearinghouse to facilitate access to that information and to provide updates of any subsequent criminal history, and provides that, based on a review of that information, TEA will certify to districts whether certain charter school employees, substitute teachers, and non-certified school employees are employable under the standards imposed by the bill.


The implementation of SB 9 will require cooperation between the TEA and the Department of Public Safety, Independent School Districts, Regional Service Centers and Charter Schools. We are currently working with these partners to develop the processes for implementing the requirements of SB 9.  At this time no fingerprinting is required on the part of schools or their employees, and any fingerprinting that is done now will not comply with the clearinghouse requirements of SB 9.  We will notify the affected parties as the action becomes required on their part.  Please continue to monitor the TEA and SBEC websites for new developments. 


Senate Bill 9 Resources 

State Criminal Records Sites - These are websites where searches can be conducted for
criminal history information in states other than Texas.  A contact phone number is also provided for each state.   State Criminal Record Sites other than Texas

TASB SB9 Q & A for contractors - TASB has compiled information in Q and A format on the SB9
requirements or contractors.  A sample contract between the district and contractor as well as sample
forms for submission to DPS are included.


Criminal History for Contractors


DPS Guide for School Contractors -  This packet contains the documents required for school
contractors to submit fingerprints of applicants for national criminal history reviews, as required under 
Senate Bill 9.


DPS Guide for School Contractors


TASB SB9 Q & A for Employees or Volunteers - TASB has compiled information in a Q & A format
on the SB9 requirements for employees and volunteers. 


SB9 Employee/Volunteers


Morpho Trust USA formerly L-1 solutions - This link provides information on the different locations
that an individual can visit to get their fingerprints


Texas Education Agency - Senate Bill 9 (Frequently Asked Questions)