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Raymondville ISD Students go Back to School

Posted Date: 08/27/2020

Raymondville ISD Students go Back to School


For most students at Raymondville ISD, returning to school on Monday meant logging on to their Google Classroom. About 2,000 Raymondville ISD students attended their first day of school from home this year. "I never imagined beginning a school year by way of virtual instruction, but our teachers, students, and parents are rising to the occasion," said Pittman Elementary Principal Sulema Davila.

According to Myra Green Middle School Teacher Jo Ann Marroquin, on-line learning is off to a good start. "We have had over 100 students in our live classes. We have gotten really good feedback from the kids. They are adjusting to this educational platform with enthusiasm."

MGMS 7th Grader Mikaela Rodriguez added, "It went better than expected. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. The teachers were helpful throughout the process."

Brenda Martinez, who has children attending L.C. Smith Elementary and Myra Green Middle School, shared “First day of virtual learning went great. Not the way we wanted to start, but for now this is the best way.”


For a small number of students, Raymondville ISD opened its doors for on-campus instruction. The District decided to allow on-campus learning for children from households without internet access and the children of working families that do not have childcare. Students attending on-campus worked in small groups, usually fewer than five in a classroom. Teachers and students all wore masks, and they were seated at least six feet apart. 11th grader Kaitlin Kafka shared, "It's better here because I can ask teachers if I have a question without having to wait for a response. I like the learning environment because it is quiet, and I can concentrate."

"We are focused first and foremost on the health and safety of our students. We are following CDC guidelines and taking steps to ensure students practice social distancing, all while providing a safe learning space. Students have been very cooperative and understanding of the measures we are taking. They are happy to make the connections with their teachers," said Jose Raul Valdez, MGMS Principal


Though the school year got off to a strong start, it was not without some hiccups, according to the Superintendent Stetson Roane. Some of the computer devices that were ordered from the Texas Education Agency in mid-July did not arrive on time. Some students also had problems logging into the online system. However, the district is pushing through those challenges.

“We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are acting quickly and doing everything we can to ensure each and every student is able to learn online or on-campus if necessary. Raymondville ISD will not make any excuses, and we will continue to address any issues that arise. We will do better, and we will still have a strong school year.”

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