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RISD Food Service adds Pizza Hut Pizza to the Menu

Posted Date: 03/19/2019

RISD Food Service adds Pizza Hut Pizza to the Menu

The best food service in the Valley keeps getting better, with the addition of Pizza Hut Pizza to the lunch menu.  Since the beginning of this month, students have had the option to choose Pizza Hut pizza as their cafeteria lunch entrée.  “I’ve had a chance to try it, and I think it tastes amazing!” said Raymondville Early College High School Sophomore Jayden Brooks.

Food service consultant Alfred Walker explained the decision to add Pizza Hut to the menu, “We had students sample pizza options and this is what they preferred.  Pizza Hut adds a familiar brand to our lunch offerings, and they were able to work with us to meet nutritional standards without sacrificing flavor. ”

Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, Raymondville ISD brought food service back in-house, with Walker Quality Services company as the lead consultant for food services in the district.  “Our services offer more choices for students and staff,” stated Walker,” the carving station offers brisket, pork, and turkey. The stir fry station includes different meats, vegetables, rice, and pasta prepared stir fry style. The rotating stations offer a baked potato bar, deli bar, Mexican cuisine bar, and a pasta bar.”

Superintendent Stetson Roane added, “We installed smokers at the high school and middle school cafeterias, and we’re cooking brisket, pork and smoked turkey from Rudy’s Meat Market.  We’re serving a high quality product and we’re supporting the local economy.”

Walker emphasized that his services call for more scratch cooking versus the customary heat and serve meals that are found in most school cafeterias.  “Participation is up from last year,” said Food Service Director Norma Cavazos, “students like the new food choices.”

Research has shown that students that eat breakfast and lunch regularly perform better in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.

Full Meal Supper Program

A full-meal supper program was introduced in the fall, and the district now serves up to 1000 supper meals each day.  According to the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank, more than 50% of children in Raymondville are living below the poverty level, and the estimated 1 in 5 children experience food insecurity.   “For these students, and for our students staying late for band, athletics, and tutoring, our supper program makes a difference,” stated Assistant Superintendent Benjamin Clinton.

Athletic Director Frank Cantu described how the supper program benefits students, “Students in Raymondville have every opportunity to be engaged.   We have students who participate in the athletics last period, attend tutoring or band practice after school, and then go to the Ag building to work on a project or come back for practice in the evening, whether it’s soccer, track, baseball, softball, powerlifting, or golf.  A full supper meal after school gives them the nutrition to be able to stay focused and perform.