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Raymondville STAAR Test Results: All Campuses Showed Growth

Posted Date: 08/08/2018

Raymondville STAAR Test Results: All Campuses Showed Growth


by: Raymondville ISD Media Staff

         Summertime in Texas means scorching hot temperatures, soothing cold refreshments, and academic report cards for school districts across the state.

         Preliminary STAAR and EOC results are in and the Raymondville Independent School District saw outstanding growth from all four of its campuses.

         Percentage growth was calculated based on last year’s STAAR and EOC results compared to the latest scores.

         Pittman Elementary led the way by showing positive growth in all eight tested categories in the content areas of Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. The biggest gains were made in 4th grade Reading (+20% increase), 5th grade Reading (+12% increase), and 5th grade Science (+13% increase).

         “A key factor to Pittman Elementary success was our teachers. Pittman teachers connected with students and provided them the opportunities for learning,” said Pittman Principal Sulema Davila,” I am very pleased with our accomplishment and as always continue being Pittman Proud!”

         The L.C. Smith Elementary campus saw growth in five tested categories. The biggest increases were made in 5th grade Science (+27% gain), 3rd grade Reading (+19% gain), and 3rd grade Math (+15% gain).

         Myra Green Middle School saw an increase in eight tested categories in the areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. The biggest growths were made in 8th grade Social Studies (+31% growth), 6th grade Math (+25% growth), 7th grade Math (+19% growth), and 8th grade Science (+16% growth).

         “Our campus STAAR scores are a result of teamwork at MGMS,” stated MGMS Principal Raul Valdez, “Our teachers and staff worked together in challenging our students to be focused on their personal and campus-wide goals. We did not want to leave any stone unturned and challenged our staff to do things a little bit different and very intentional in our instruction.”

         Raymondville Early College High School saw an increase in two tested areas: Algebra I (+8% growth), and in Biology (+3% growth).     

         Raymondville Independent School District Superintendent Stetson Roane was extremely pleased with the state-mandated test results and credits hard work and dedication at each campus for the stellar growth in academics.

         “As a district, we are on the right track academically.  These are the best academic results in our district in the last 15 years.  I can’t say enough about the diligent work that students, teachers, administrators and staff throughout the district put into this past school year,” explained Roane, “Of course, we want to continue raising the bar academically and strive for excellence. We proved we have the commitment and dedication from our students, teachers, and administrators to make it happen.  I’d like to thank the Raymondville ISD school board for their continued support and for giving me the opportunity to work with the people in this community.  This is all a joint effort to improve the quality of our schools.”