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RISD Food Services Will Offer New Choices

Posted Date: 08/08/2018

RISD Food Services Will Offer New Choices


By: Raymondville ISD Media Staff

         For students, faculty, and staff at Raymondville Independent School District, there’s a new chef in town prepared to change the way you think about cafeteria food.

         Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, Raymondville ISD is bringing food service back in-house, with Walker Quality Services company as the lead consultant for food services in the district.

         Due to the $250,000 in annual administrative costs saved by this move, students and district employees were able to reap the benefits. Much needed equipment was purchased for cafeterias, food service staff were given a raise, and the quality of food is improving.

         Walker Quality Services promises a wide variety of better tasting foods and beverages that will improve the traditional school cafeteria menu.

         “We do consulting,” explained CEO Alfred Walker, whose former clients include the Dallas Cowboys players, coaches, and staff in the early to mid-1990’s, “we help food directors improve the overall quality, presentation, training, and preparation of meals.”

         Currently, Walker Quality Services works with 31 school districts across the state of Texas to refine food services.

         New additions to the district school cafeterias will be a carving station, a stir-fry station, pizza and wings station, and rotating specialty bars.

         “Our services offer more choices for students and staff,” stated Walker,” the carving station will offer brisket, pork, and turkey. The stir-fry station will include different meats, vegetables, rice, and pasta prepared stir-fry style. The rotating stations will offer a baked potato bar, deli bar, Mexican cuisine bar, and a pasta bar.”

         Walker emphasized that his services call for more scratch cooking versus the customary heat and serve meals that are found in most school cafeterias.

         Part of the new services will include staff training to prepare different recipes in home-style cooking and serve less processed foods.

         More fresh fruits will also be available to students, faculty, and staff, as well as district-wide catering.

         Beverages available in the district will also see an upgrade. Aside from standard milk, strawberry milk will be served at all campuses. A coffee shop and smoothie bar will be set up at the high school campus.

         “We plan to offer different juices in the cafeteria. Drinks like Snapple, Sparkling Ice, Gatorade, and water will give patrons more options,” said Walker,” Also, chocolate milk will be available to students after workouts. Studies have shown that chocolate milk is an excellent drink for post-workout recovery.”

         Research has shown that students that eat breakfast and lunch regularly perform better in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.

         “Our mission is to provide great customer service. We want students, faculty, and staff to feel welcomed and served with a smile,” added RISD Superintendent, Stetson Roane, “With a variety of better tasting foods, we want to help students with their health and performance in the classroom. Eating at school should be a time for students to bond with one another and create a closeness on campus, all while enjoying great tasting meals.”

         The district is also pleased to announce that the summer meals program will be extended through August, and full evening meals will be provided beginning this fall.