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Raymondville ISD Schools Lead the Way in Willacy County and the Rio Grande Valley

Posted Date: 06/19/2024

Raymondville ISD Schools Lead the Way in Willacy County and the Rio Grande Valley

Raymondville, TX – Raymondville Independent School District (RISD) is proud to announce that all four of its traditional campuses have achieved an 'A' rating based on preliminary results from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). This historic milestone firmly establishes Raymondville ISD as the top-performing school district in Willacy County and among the best in the entire Rio Grande Valley and the State of Texas.

Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Benjamin Clinton, expressed immense pride in the district's accomplishments. "Our ‘A’ ratings as a district and across all four traditional campuses are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students, teachers, staff, and community. This is a proud moment for Raymondville ISD."

Campus Highlights

  • Raymondville Early College High School (ECHS): Demonstrating exceptional performance, Raymondville ECHS earned an 'A' rating with a score of 91, continuing to set a high standard for secondary education.
  • Myra Green Middle School: As a top middle school in the region, Myra Green Middle School has once again demonstrated its exceptional academic standards by earning an impressive 'A' rating with a score of 91.
  • Pittman Elementary: Continuing its legacy as a high-performing campus, Pittman Elementary secured its fifth consecutive 'A' rating, with a score of 91, solidifying its status as a top-tier campus.
  • LC Smith Elementary: For the first time in its history, LC Smith Elementary has achieved an 'A' rating, earning a score of 90. This landmark achievement highlights the school's significant progress and dedication to academic success.
  • Raymondville Options Academic Academy (ROAA): As an alternative campus utilizing Alternative Education Accountability (AEA), ROAA achieved a commendable 'B' rating with a score of 87, reflecting significant strides in academic performance and continuous improvement, particularly in supporting students on non-traditional educational paths.

District-Wide Success

The district as a whole acheived an 'A' rating with an overall score of 91. This achievement showcases the collective effort of our educators and administrative staff who work tirelessly to provide high-quality education to our students.

Superintendent Stetson Roane added, "These results are a clear indication of the strength and resilience of our school community. We are not just meeting the standards but exceeding them. Our focus on innovation, personalized learning, and comprehensive support systems has paid off, and we are excited about the future prospects for our students."

Board President John Solis expressed his support for the district's achievements, stating, "The Board of Trustees is incredibly proud of the dedication shown by our teachers, staff, administration, and Superintendent Roane. Their relentless commitment to excellence is what drives our success and ensures that our students receive the best education possible."

Join the Raymondville ISD Family

Raymondville ISD invites parents from across Willacy County and the Rio Grande Valley to consider transferring their children to our top-rated schools. With our proven track record of academic excellence, we offer an unparalleled educational experience that prioritizes student success and well-rounded development.

Raymondville ISD will be celebrating these accomplishments in the coming weeks with various events and acknowledgments to honor the hard work of our students, teachers, and staff. Detailed results and further information will be shared on our social media platforms and district website.

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